August 2, 2011


Yesterday, was a bank holiday in Ireland. Normally, BF and I work bank holidays so that we can take other days off.  However, we took advantage by relaxing all weekend since we have some crazy weekends  planned for August. We lazed around the house, went into town, watched movies and went for long walks.

At the beginning of the summer we said that we would treat ourselves to Teddy's ice cream on the hottest day of the summer. Unlucky for us, it has not been hot AT ALL and if it was slightly warm we had plans and couldn't get down to Dun Loaghaire for a bite of Teddy's. We picked yesterday (the gloomiest, most rainy day of the summer) to head down to the little ice cream shop.

How cute!?!
It was well worth the wait until August! Look at the cone!! 

Cutest and tastiest ice cream cone! 


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