July 29, 2011

Check, please!

In my daily travel and fashion blog reads, I came upon this GORGEOUS picture... Love the maxi skirts, love the sea, love the little house in the middle of the ocean.

Photographer- Mario Testino for Vogue UK 
I did some intense research clicked on the picture and learned that the little house is actually a restaurant, and it happens to be in Zanzibar which is where I'll happen to be in October. I quickly sent an email to the Rock Restaurant, and I'm in the process of booking a table for me and future hubby (EKKS!) for a honeymoon lunch. So excited!!!

Below are some more gorgeous pics from the photo shoot in Zanzibar. Don't worry I'll force BF to take pictures of me just like this! 
Mario Testino - Vogue UK

Mario Testino- Vogue UK 


Blue said...

What a wonderful find! That restaurant looks great, and as you just happened to come across it, you are obviously meant to go there...

utran28 said...

Meant to go indeed! I made a reservation over the weekend! Can't wait to go! x

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