August 22, 2011


With the wedding only a couple weeks away, I've been focusing a lot in the past weeks on relaxing (even though we have engagement/housewarming parties and visitors every week!). This past weekend, BF was away so I was able to take it easy and have a lovely girly weekend.

I spent Friday evening, wedding dress shopping with two gal pals for both (!!) of them, not me. It was so fun! I bought my dress at Kleinfeld's in NY where they ask you what kind of dress you like and bring it out to you. I didn't get the browsing (except online) experience, so I really enjoyed going through the dress racks and looking at wedding dresses. Saturday, I went for a reflexology treatment. My weekly massage therapist (I realise I am SPOILED!) mentioned that I indeed was stressed, and suggested reflexology along with massage. No need to twist my arm here! Basically, because there are so many nerve endings in your feet, massaging different areas of the feet massages corresponding  internal organs. While she was massaging, it felt like different parts of my internal organs were responding (not sure if that was imaginary or not!)

After that relaxing day, I headed over to a friend's housewarming/engagement party (seriously, everyone is getting married or buying a house over here!) Her house is beautiful!!!

How cute is her little birdhouse!?
Then Sunday, I spent the entire day in my sun room, catching up on fashion magazines and reading a book. Lovely! 


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