August 17, 2011

One Month!!!!!!!!

YEAH!!! Only one more month, until I get a hubby. So excited!

I'm ready to be done work and ready to fly to the US to get the little wedding things done. Thankfully, I'm able to fly home earlier then expected to work from the Boston office so only 2.5 more weeks in Ireland until the wedding.

This past weekend, BF and I attended our friends' engagement party. It was so lovely to see an amazing couple at the start of their wedding planning. Lots of champagne was passed around and all kinds of shocking things happened!

First, BF proposed to my friend Gina. What the heck?

Wait... you're already engaged!  
Then BF proposed AGAIN to my friend Davey.

How come his ring is sparklier then mine?!!? 

Then the guest of honour decided to give BF kisses. Out of control!  
Me and the guest of honor  
After the party, Kieran and I were walking down Baggot Street to find a Burger King  grab a cab and we ran into Anne Doyle out on the town at 2:00 in the morning!! Anne Doyle is a news reporter for RTE. I tried to chase her down to no avail. Surprisingly, she didn't show up for the Sunday evening news...must have been a rough night for her! :) 


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