April 21, 2011

Freak out!

I had my first bridal freak out last night. I'm flying home tomorrow (can't wait) and have TONS of wedding stuff to do. One of the most important- my first dress fitting. However, even though I contacted and confirmed with the dress shop to ensure my dress would be in NH by April 25th.... they don't actually know where the dress is...EKKS! My sister called and tried to check in for me but nothing :( I don't think I will have my dress on time. BOO!

On the plus side, BF sent me an email (he's been away in the Philippines for work all week) to wish me a happy getting engaged anniversary. SWOON. So cute.

Here is where we were last year this time:

 Right after getting engaged on the ferry to Wales to start our trip to the Middle East 

Wales Train Station- where we spent the night after getting engaged. Romantic

149 days to the wedding!!!! 


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