April 19, 2011

Beauty Advice

I need some beauty help asap! I very rarely wear makeup and have been using the same skin care routine since I was 13 (Johnson & Johnson Clean & Clear- amazing!) With the upcoming wedding, I decided I need some help and advice for all the events leading up to the wedding. (Obviously I will have someone doing my hair and makeup on the actual day otherwise it would be a DISASTER!).

I'll decided to focus on upping my fakery factor for the big day- fake eyelashes and some hair extensions. It's like I'm tricking BF into marrying a gorgeous version of me (HA!). So with hours of Youtube videos watched, I decided to tackle fake eyelashes this weekend and readers...it was a TERRIBLE. I am too embarrassed to put up pictures :)

After that fakery burn, I decided to leave the eyelashes to the professionals and move on to hair where I was MUCH more successful. It is REALLY weird to my friends that I'm even thinking about it cause I don't do much with my hair either, but I decided for the wedding, it would be necessary so I dragged myself to try them on. What do you think? Pretty realistic, eh? And the color matches amazingly!

They are made by Ms. Jessica Simpson herself and I'm embarrassed to say I love them!


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