March 2, 2011

The Office

We had been slacking on updating the house since work for both of us has been so crazy. However, since we had the use of a car this weekend, we were able to head to Ikea to pick up some home stuff.

We have a third bedroom and for awhile didn't know what we wanted to do with it. We finally settled on making it an office even though we normally just take our laptops downstairs and work in the living room. No design thought has been put into the room whatsoever since we moved in. About a month ago, we managed to get a desk and the room looked like this:

Boring! We didn't even have that lamp there (we just bought it this weekend). On top of that, BF rushed me into picking out the room color, and while yellow is my favorite, this is my least favorite paint color in the house :(

This is what it was updated to on Sunday morning:


I know the picture angles are different which makes the color look drastically different, but the real life color is closer to the bottom picture. We put up some shelves (although we still have to figure out what to put ON the shelves). We also updated the space with a lovely and large picture frame. I'm very adverse to committing to pictures in a picture frame so for the time being we have extra fabric from our chair makeovers in the frame.

What do you think?! 


Jacqueline said...

Cute! I like the Yellow =).

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