February 28, 2011


BF's sisters came up from Cork to hang out with us this weekend, and we had a blast! They came up on Friday, and we had a girly night (+BF) at home. I made fresh egg rolls (YUM!), and we had other appetizers and wine. The next day, they woke up refreshed and ready for a day of touring Dublin. Our first suggestion...umm...Ikea? We are a bit selfish, no? They had been to Dublin plenty of times before so didn't really need to see the city and since they had a car...why not?

Off to Ikea we headed where BF and I got some really cute things which I'll post about shortly. After Ikea, we decided to really take them to a tourist spot... Johnny Foxes. WOOP! This middle of no where bar is SO cute. Very Irish-y- Irish type junk hangs from every wall (Old sign posts, old bicycles, etc- Very similar to what you would see in a TGI Friday's).

After relaxing there for a bit, it was time to get ready for dinner and a night out. We headed to Odessa for dinner but made the mistake of not booking a reservation. Oops! Lucky us,  they had room in their members only dining area which was lovely and swanky and made it seem like I had some amazing connections (Not so much!)

Lovely comfy chairs in the member's area

While we were there, we were totally classy and didn't mess around at all. This is not us challenging BF's sister to a jalapeno eating contest- poor girl.

We then headed out to my friend's birthday party which was fab fun. It was so random but some of BF's friends were there since they were friend's of friends and some of BF's sister's friends (Got that?) were there too because Ireland is the smallest country in the world. 

This is what our night looked like after a couple of those freaking jaegerbomb shots that everyone loves so much.

Final funny picture from the night- This is BF's attempt at Blue Steel :) 


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