January 3, 2011

House Update

With all the craze of wedding planning, decorating the house was moved to the back burner. However, while I was back in the good old USA, I found some amazing rugs for the house.

I have to say I'm super sad that we didn't buy our first house in the US cause there are TONS of adorable house decor that is just not available here :( While walking through Target, Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel, I would have gladly taken anything and everything home! (We can't even have our wedding registry there cause then we would have to ship it home- Pain!) Anyways, we were looking for a rug for our living room and conservatory, and here is what I ended up with.

What do you think? The rug is from Anthropologie, but I got it at TJ(or K- depending on where you live) Maxx. Even though I was searching high and low for an all yellow rug (and not a floral one), I love the colors of this one. Now I have to rethink the color for my curtains.

And for the conservatory... Nice, right? I purchased it from Dash and Albert  who have an AMAZING collection of cotton and wool rugs. If I didn't have to carry it back with me, I think I would have bought one for ever room in the house!


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