December 15, 2010

Secret Santa

It's been Christmas activity after Christmas activity all week! Last night, I was at the Fitzwilliams square Christmas markets, and it's so cute and cozy - much more quiet then the one in the IFSC. Sunday, we had our CDWM Christmas dinner at Fallon and Byrne. We traded secret santa presents which is an annual tradition. Below is what I received.

A lovely Italian cookbook and some amazing olive oil from my Irish friend who has family from Italy. I'm constantly saying that I only really know how to cook Asian food so to shut me up, she bought me this fab book. I'm using a recipe from it tonight for BF and my Christmas dinner.

We also had a Secret Santa at work, and I received this lovable guy. You can heat him up and cuddle with him to stay warm (which is desperately needed in our FREEZING house). I also received a gift voucher for a fish pedicure. Have you heard of these? You stick your feet in a pool of fish and they EAT your dead skin off. GROSS and AMAZING. I can't wait to book my appointment!



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