December 22, 2010


After the excitement of buying the wedding dress, I went to meet up with my friend Leslie for a long overdue date. She was an old roommate in Boston, but recently moved to New Jersey. Since she's living close to NYC, she said she'd come meet me in town to see the Lion King on Broadway along with her husband and our friend Priya and her husband. (Yes, I was indeed the fifth wheel!)

I've NEVER been to a broadway show before and this one certainly didn't disappoint. I was weary about going to see this show because, the movie is just meh (and sad!) but it was awesome! The set and costume were amazing! I wish I could have taken pictures, but no dice. Besides the show being awesome, the setting of the theater was amazing too. Here's a view of Time Square from the top floor of the theater.

After the play, we found a small bar for a quick drink but it felt like we were able to spend two seconds together :( 


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