October 28, 2010

Geeking out

Recently, our bus schedule changed to "provide a better user experience" ie ... less busses. Nice! I've been totally lame and have been scheduling my life around the freaking bus schedule. "Sorry, I can't stay for that extra glass of wine, the bus is coming!" It makes the commute home almost unbearable.

However, I recently discovered an app on my Android phone that is easing the pain caused by the bus - The Android Kindle APP. Essentially it turns your phone into a Kindle so that you can read books while waiting for the bus (or doing whatever else you do)! I still really enjoy going to the library and getting actual books, but when I have to lug all the work essentials and my gym bag with me, it's a shoulder saver. I have the phone with me anyways, and it helps pass the time away. There is a huge selection of books that are free to download (mostly classics). Also, it allows me to read smutty, totally inappropriate cheesy romance novels (guilty pleasure) and no one is the wiser :)

P.S. I believe it's also available for iPhones.


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