August 15, 2010

Secret Garden

Saturday, I took a break from the house decorating and painting and headed out to brunch with my gal pals. Normally, we head to Saba, but this time to change things up a bit we decided to go to Chez Max on Baggot street for some French food instead.

It was a gloriously sunny day, and I was a bit disappointed when we got there because the entrance is down in the baseament. Sad. But then we were led up the stairs to this quaint little garden/sun-trap. It was AMAZING! We practically had the place to ourselves. The food was delish and after several bottles of wine, I certainly thought I was in France and not in Dublin. I highly recommend checking this place out. Their indoor restaurant is lovely and would be a great place for a romantic date.

After brunch, the girlies and I wandered around the bars of Dublin. We had a fab, fab time! PLUS, when I got home, BF had built our bookcase for the living room. We had gone to Ikea on Friday and bought all this stuff, and he completed one of the projects while I was out boozing. Such a keeper!


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