August 2, 2010

Off to the Races!

Thursday, BF and I had the day off as we were heading to Galway for the races. BF's friend and his girlfriend planned the trip, and we were meeting up with a bunch of others as well. We were arriving on Ladies Day, and the ladies were dressed up in their finest! I didn't know what to expect so went more low key then most of the people at the event. Although it was a horse race, I didn't see one horse - too busy drinking and people watching! BF and I placed bets to make the races more interesting and we won 96 Euros (which we proceeded to lose on other bets).

The races were over by 6 so we headed into Galway town for a night of drinking on the streets. The town roped off a large portion of the pedestrianized streets, and we were allowed to bring our drinks outside. Luckily we had amazing weather!

Our Hats

Waiting by the finish line

Winning ticket!

Evening Drinks


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