August 3, 2010

Aran Islands

After all the excitement at the races, we headed to the Aran Islands. With the big win that we received, BF and I chartered a private jet for our friends. Ok Ok ... you can't be fooled. We took a teeny, tiny little plane to the island and since it only sat 8 people, our whole group took up the entire plane.

We had AMAZING weather and spent the two days biking around the island, taking in the cliffs of Dun Aengus and the two pubs on the island. There wasn't too much to do but enjoy the scenery and bike.

The tiny runway

Looking over the edge of Dun Aengus

The views of the cliffs

Our new summer home (Red door just like our real home!)


Bob Byrne said...

I love that little plane. The last time we went the pilot had to chase donkeys off the runway!

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