July 5, 2010

BBQ Summer

It has been a fabulous summer so far in Ireland (knock on wood), and I've been stuffing my face almost every weekend with some type of grilled meat product. YUM!

This weekend was no different with two BBQ's- one to start off the weekend on Friday night and one to end America's Independence day with a bang. My friend D who lives along the canal was having a party on Friday night and his BBQ was fab - though he was flipping meat with a potato masher. Is that a normal thing in Ireland? :)

About sums it up....

Saturday BF and I spent ALL Freaking day in B&Q which is the Home Depot of Ireland. That is a post in and of itself :) To reward ourselves for all that tough shopping, Sunday we relaxed with our only - I mean, best, American friends. Happy Belated Birthday America!

Patriotic cupcakes


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