June 8, 2010

Irish LifeBoats

Once a year, the factory gives me a day off to volunteer in the community. This past Friday, I volunteered with the Royal National Lifeboat Institute. Similar to the Coast Guard, the mission of this organisation is to help those in trouble on the seas. They run solely on donations and fund raising.

My job on Friday was to help them set up their stand for the Maritime festival, and it was so fun! The weather was glorious and my job was to place price tags on every single product they were selling at their stand. Filled with nautical teddy bears and shark erasers, it was like Christmas for me as I opened each new box to place price tags on each item.

The Lifeboat Stand

Trying on the Lifeboat kid's uniform

After spending the morning and afternoon with the pricing gun, we were able to walk around the Martime festival to soak up the atmosphere. I LOVE street food and luckily I was volunteering with two other gals that did as well. We walked around the festival sharing the delicious foods before heading back to work. Next time you see a lifeboat volunteer, don't forget to donate to this worthy cause!


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