May 31, 2010

SATC Birthdays

It was my friend SJ's birthday this Friday, and as part of her celebration she wanted to go see the new SATC movie with a bunch of our gal pals which was fine with me since I've had it penned in my planner for months. So excited!

Unfortunately (or fortunately!), SJ bought all of our tickets to the WRONG CINEMA! We were suppose to go to the local theatre in town, but she bought tickets out in Liffy Valley which takes about 30 minutes to get to. Realising her mistake at the beginning of the week, the birthday girl organised a party bus to pick us up at the house where we were getting ready (Obviously you HAVE to dress up for the movie!). The bus was amazingly fun. There were about 12 girls in the bus, and the driver cranked up the music as we drove through Dublin with disco lights flashing in the bus.

Our Party Bus

The movie, as to be expected, was terribly fantastic. The clothes for the most part were lovely. Since the filming was done in Marrakesh, it was fun to see because I've been there before (but clearly not at the five star level like in the movie!).

Getting ready for the movie

We then headed to the Odeon where we met up with our other group of friends. (They were out for our friend C's birthday). There were about 25 girls all together and it was the kind of night were every song was my FAVORITE SONG :)


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