May 5, 2010


After a couple days of hanging out at the beach, BF and I got really bored. We just don't really know how to relax so off we went to Jerusalem. As mentioned, we're not really religious but thought it would be great to see the place which is the most holy site for all three major world religions.

We grabbed a local bus for the approximately one hour trip and the bus station is mad. It's FILLED with members of the Israeli army who are traveling from their day trips, but the soldiers are young. It's really strange to see a teenage girl joking with her friends and putting on lip gloss with an M-16 slung over her shoulder.

Anyways, we get to the old city which is not big at all -maybe about a square mile and start off with the Christian sites. We walked the Stations of the Cross, saw the Last Supper Room and the birth place of the Virgin Mary. The stations of the cross and the birthplace of the Virgin Mary are in the Muslim quarters so they take no mind of it. There are stalls selling stuff right next to the stations and the birthplace is now an apartment (with laundry hanging out to dry right inside the entrance.) MAD!

Calgary Hill- Station of the cross 10-14

Touching Jesus' tomb

We then checked out the Wailing Wall (Jewish Holy Land) and the Dome of the Rock (Muslin Holy Land) as well.

Dome of the Rock

Wailing Wall

Finally, we left the city and walked to Gethsemane Garden. There are trees there that are over 2000 years old. They were there during Jesus' time!


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