May 6, 2010

Continued celebrations!

I'll continue with my trip post but it's been a crazy week as I'm going out every night this week with different groups of friends to celebrate the engagement. But I found out yesterday that I also got PROMOTED at work!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't do anything by halves, eh?

Tuesday night, my girlfriend Kerri and her hubby happened to be in town for the evening so BF and I met them for a lovely Thai dinner at Mangetu. The restaurant is SO good, but we were the only ones in the whole place.

Then last night, we had a come dine with me session. I had missed the past two dinners so I was really excited to meet up with the gals - and they didn't disappoint. The sweet girls decorated the apartment, and we honestly didn't stop laughing all night. SO FUN!


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