May 14, 2010

In Love

New pictures of Baby Carson! I swear this blog won't be all baby all the time, but he just had his first official photo shoot (at six days old), and I'm such a proud auntie! The photos are taken from the photographer's blog, you can see more pictures of the little peanut there. Below are some of my favorites.

My little peapod

The Beautiful family


K∂riиє* Smith. said...

He is just gorgeous !

By the way,Congrats on your engagement , you must stop call him BF from now on :)

I'm brazilian, but engaged to an irish guy, living in Dublin.

I love your blog.


utran28 said...

Hi! Thanks for reading my blog! :) Have you started planning your wedding? Is it going to be in Dublin? I'm completely overwhelmed about making wedding decisions! :)


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