May 12, 2010


After spending time in Jordan, BF and I headed back to Israel so we could cross the border into Egypt. Visiting Egypt has been a lifelong dream of mine and the part I was looking forward to the most during our trip.

Right before we left, we heard rumours that there were kidnap warnings in the Sinai region of Egypt (believed to be Hamas and Hezbollah headquarters), but I wasn't too concerned since we were going to Cairo. I wasn't concerned that is until BF said that we would be driving through the Sinai for FIVE HOURS through the desert- Ekks! We had hired a private driver which was good and BF told me to be as quiet as possible as my American accent would give me away. Terrifying. We got in the car and off we drove. I was nervous but everything seemed to be going ok. The driver spoke a bit of English and about 30 minutes into our drive, he turned around and asked us if we had been to Egypt before. We were honest and said no (tourist mistake number one?). He drove on for a bit through a mountainous region and then all of a sudden pulled the car over and told us to "GET OUT!"... Oh god oh god oh god. I looked at BF and was like "Holy crap, we're going to die". Then the driver was like "Turn around" - oh man this is it.

Then... he said "Isn't it beeeeutiful, the mountains, you like?" WHEW! OH man- we were safe! :)

After that we drove through the desert, under the Suez Canal and through some village check points where the driver said in Arabic that we were from Ireland and Canada (ekks! Pretending to be Canadian to prevent us from getting hassled? I guess it's alright, but this time only!)

Anyways, we finally got to Cairo safe and sound and spent a day exploring the museum and then the second day visiting the pyramid and the sphinx. I LOVED the mummy room in the museum. It was super creepy and you could see their eyelashes! EKKS!

The pyramids were amazing as well- larger then expected definitely. We got to climb into the great pyramid (which was rather claustrophobic) and ended up in a tomb room. After our long day exploring the pyramids, we ended up on the Nile for dinner during sunset.

The Great Pyramids

Along the tunnels into the tomb

BF making out with the Sphinx (Should I be jealous?!)

Nice Sphinx

Dinner on the Nile


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