April 7, 2010

Travel Planning

To give BF some semblance of control over my life, I graciously let him plan all my travels. (I'm so kind, aren't I?) Since he spent the year traveling he has been EVERYWHERE so the trips that he plans are always to some far flung random place which is totally fine with me. Our next trip is to the Middle East, and I couldn't be more excited!

We had actually booked months ago, but I had no idea what was planned. I just hand over the credit card, but over the weekend he finalised all our plans and it sounds FAB!

- We'll be visiting Jerusalem. I was raised Catholic and have attended Catholic school all my life but I wouldn't say I'm holy (tee hee) or religious- Still I'm V excited to see the sites and the birthplace of three world religions.
-We're going to a beach resort in Israel which is supposedly the "Jersey Shore" of the middle east. Fist pump at the ready.
- We'll be camping (Bedouin style!) in the deserts of Jordan under the stars. Sound romantic, right? I have a feeling it's going to be FREEZING with scorpions but will let you know how it all goes.
- Finally, a life long dream... the PYRAMIDS in EGYPT! When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming an Egyptologist. I canNOT freaking wait to be in Cairo.

Two more weeks and we're off. We book our trips months in advance and as it always turns out, we have work trips in the next two weeks (BF to Paris, and me to Kilary, Ireland) so it's going to be busy!


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