April 16, 2010

Out of the woods

I'm back into the real world! In the past two days I participated in a leadership/ team building program for work. The event was being hosted at the Killary adventure centre in Connemara and since I had never been to this area of Ireland before, I was really excited for a visit.

We were in luck and the weather was GORGEOUS! It's days like this when I really, really love living in Ireland- Grassy hills, amazing mountains, sparkling fjords and... SHEEP. Running, bouncing, lovable sheep everywhere!

Only in Ireland

We spent the two days doing team activities and ropes courses. The highlight climbing up a teeny tiny pole and jumping 2 meters to catch a trapeze. Amazing! The climbing part was not a problem for me (I use to climb in Boston) but the jumping part. EKKKS! How do you convince your mind to just jump off a tiny platform?

The Trapeze (Can you see it and the platform?)

The Worst swing ride EVER!

We then went through typical team building tasks and orienteering. Our final task was to build a raft out of random materials, paddle it to a designated spot to collect matches and create a fire that would hard boil an egg before the other two teams. I am proud to say my team WON! YEAH!!!

Our raft

The Winning Team (with our hard boiled egg)

However, I'm SO glad to be back home- without poor BF, who has been stuck in Paris since Thursday (I can't think of a better place to be stuck) because of the volcanic ash.


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