April 17, 2010

Our New House!

So... last week I mentioned that BF and I were making a very big life changing decision. We were back and forth about it for a couple of weeks but finally made a decision.

We're buying our own little Love-Nest! A lovely, lovely, little (teeny, tiny) Irish house. We put the deposit in this week and now must wait for the back and forth of paperwork, but pending the paperwork it will be ours soon- Fingers crossed! Want to see it??!!? Of course you do!

So cute right?!?!?! Ok...Ok... I'm kidding. This is just like a picture I would have drawn of a house I would have wanted when I was about five. Well, my five year old self apparently knew my 20-something self really well because the house we're buying actually looks like this:

How adorable is this house?!?! Do you not just LOVE the red door? When I first saw it, I fell in love. Even before we walked in I told BF that we were putting a bid on it regardless of what it looked like inside (Rash decisions? Me?). Luckily when we went inside we loved it just as much. And the piece d' resistance of the house??

The Conservatory (Imagine it with some neutral paint and um...some better furniture)and back garden!

The house hunting and buying process in Ireland though - Whew! That's a story for a couple of posts.


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