March 31, 2010

Oh Baby!

I am not one for details in planning events -Themes? No idea? Color schemes? Oops, am I suppose to have one? That's the kind of party planner I am, but fortunately the baby shower went off without a hitch this past weekend.

We had the party at my sister's house, and my mother and I made all the food which was delicious if I do say so myself :) I generally think shower games are silly so I limited it to one game so that her guests could catch up and chat instead. We played "Poop or chocolate?" which was hysterical. We melted 8 different chocolates into diapers and then had people guess what kind of chocolate it was. Rather a simple game, but really funny to watch!

Poop or chocolate?

I also had another activity on hand to ensure that people didn't get too bored watching my sister open presents - decorating baby onesies. I bought a bunch of different sized onesies and had fabric markers for people to write and draw special messages for the new baby. This activity turned out really well and I highly recommend it for baby showers. It was easy to put together, everyone enjoyed the activity and the baby will have fun keepsakes!

Decorated Onesies

Also, I always think party favours are useless...what am I going to do with a candle that has your name on it? So I chose to do a blue themed candy buffet instead. Who doesn't love candy? AND, how adorable are the baby boy ducks?

All in all it was a lovely day. Only 6 more weeks- I can't wait to meet this little guy - over Gchat video- I'm not going over for the birth :( ...boooooo

My sisters and I

The Baby Mama cutting the cake


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