February 17, 2010

Zurich - Sihlcity

Work work work! I headed to Zurich this morning for a full two day training session. Although it doesn't sound like the most fun, I do get to go to the Zurich office which is suppose to be aMAZing. Also, there are limited flights out of Dublin, so I had to take a full day to travel which is nice because I got to walk around the city a bit before starting work.

The hotel I'm staying at is in the Sihlcity region which is not the main part of town so when walking around I don't get the whole Swiss- Yodelers-Heidi-Ricola- feel....booo! But there is a shopping mall right next door (They know me so well!).

Some pics from my walk today. It looks depressing and gray because it IS depressing and gray (today anyways).


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