February 14, 2010

A Very Vietnamese Valentine's

Not only is it Valentine's day today, it's also Tet, Vietnamese New Year! They use the same lunar calendar as the Chinese and as you can imagine the Vietnamese contingency here in Dublin is rather lacking so BF and I decided to celebrate with the Chinese community instead.

We headed down to the Capel Street/Jervis Center area because there was a festival on. You could spot the red Ferris wheel a mile away so I was really excited about seeing what Dublin could pull together. I got to the square and was greeted by.... Peruvian handicraft, German Pretzels and bratwurst and Irish chocolates... not too authentic, eh, Dublin? There was a small stage with some weird tai chi going on led by an Irish man dressed in an asian silk robe...err...what?. It took BF and I literally 3 minutes to see everything. No fireworks, no dragon dance...booo....We then decided to continue the festivities at a restaurant around the corner where we indulged in yummy, pretty authentic Chinese food.

Deceptive Ferris Wheel

Yummy Lunch!

After lunch, we headed to our favorite spot on Valentine's day.... the Carmelite Whitefriars Street church....why you ask? St. Valentine's bones are here. ROMANCE! We found this little church last year and was able to see the box that held the bones and (a smige of blood) from St. Valentine's. We thought it would be nice to pop by and say Hi again this year.


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