February 12, 2010

It's offical ...

I just signed up for the Cork Marathon for June 7th. YEAH!

But I am cheating just the tiniest bit... I'm doing it relay style with some gal pals. I know I know- not a marathon. After running the half marathon last year, I had NO desire whatsoever to run a marathon- double what I just ran? No thanks!

The gals and I wanted to do a weekend away this year and we thought about going away for the Kinsale 7's with two other group of friends but we decided that it would get too messy with all the drinking. Instead we're taking a girly, spa running weekend away in June. There will be six of us, and we're divided into two teams. The most anyone has to run is 10 miles which doesn't seem too bad.

I'll be gearing up for my first training run tomorrow morning!


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