February 9, 2010

London Calling

This weekend my friend, JG, had an extended layover in London from her trip back from India so I decided to meet her for a bit of girliness and shopping (and to swap woeful tales of mosquito bites and curry). I left early on an eventful-Jedward-filled Saturday morning and got to the Kensington area of London around 2.

We proceeded them to eat our way around the Kensington area- stopping in different pubs for appetizers, moving on to another for main courses and then ending up at a small cafe for desserts- all the while indulging in bottles of wine.

It made for a very giggly first trip to Harrod's.
Below are some of my favorite pictures.

Required phone booth shot

Meat hall at Harrod's - a-MAZ-ing

Me and the Harrod's Bear

The next morning, we headed over to check out the Camden Markets. I had never been and really enjoyed myself although I didn't buy anything. My 14 year-old, alternative-hippie self would have loved it though- Doc Martens, hippie skirts and dresses, silver jewelry. It would have been heaven.
Camden Market

Finally after walking around in the cold for ages, we looked for a place for dinner. I was hoping to go Vietnamese as there is no good place (or any place at all) for it here in Dublin. We were on a slightly tight schedule so we walked to a restaurant we saw near our hotel. I was salivating thinking about the big bowl of Pho soup I was going to have and when we got there... it...was...CLOSED! BOO! I did see this in a au bon pain type of shop- take away pho! I didn't get a chance to try it, but will definitely next time I'm in London.


Christine said...


I just had to comment - I'm another American living in Dublin and I've been following your blog for a while. I moved here from Washington DC and I really miss Vietnamese food too! The only place in Temple Bar mysteriously closed sometime last year.

utran28 said...

DC has the BEST VN food. How long have you been in Dublin? Are you liking it? There's pho available at Saba, but it's not great :( And have you tried the Dim sum at Imperial Chinese - it's not too bad. Thanks for following the blog!x

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