February 8, 2010

Dublin Celebrity Sightings

Saturday morning I woke up early to catch my flight to London for a girly shopping trip. As I walked into the airport, I heard children singing. Random, right? So I walked over to where I heard the singing (arrivals gate) and saw MASSIVES of teenage girls holding signs for....JEDWARD.

In case you have been living under a rock- or not in Ireland :)- Jedward are two talentless but lovable twins who were contestants on the X-Factor. This would be the US equivalent of running into Adam Lambert. The girls were singing JedWard's "Hit" song - Under Pressure which is indeed a remake of David Bowie's song with the Vanilla Ice's twist. err... Yes I do have it on my ipod. For shame!

I waited a bit since I was there early and managed to get a glimpse of them. They are ridiculous! ;) They came out of arrivals jumping up and down like they do on the X Factor and one even did a cartwheel before they got mobbed by fans. Fun fun!

Here's the best shot I could get with my camera. Their hair is actually about 5 inches high. Impressive! Can you spot one of them in this picture? It's kind of hard to see, so I thought I would help you out.

I texted BF to let him know because last time he was at the airport he sat next to Colm Meaney, a popular Irish actor and JedWard certainly beats Colm Meaney.

But then, on Sunday I got a text from BF that he ran into Paul O'Connell at the G-Star store in Dundrum shopping center. Paul is a member of the Irish Rugby team who played this week in the Six Nations Rugby Tournament. BF said he looked the worse for wear from the match and was a bit bruised in the face. Poor guy! BF also said he is MASSIVE. He was trying on some shirt, and it was a bit too tight. He asked for a larger size and the store associate said that unfortunately they did not carry the shirt in XXX-L. EKKS! BIG! Also some insight into the Irish rugby team, apparently G-Star, the jean brand, is popular with the rugby team since they can fit their muscle-y thighs into them. If you're looking to spot one, perhaps hang out in the Dundrum shop?


Ryan Saylor said...

Hello, fellow American. I live in Oklahoma and I am wanting to come to Ireland on a working holiday visa in the next year or two. Any tips you can give me?

utran28 said...

Hey Ryan,
You should definitely come and work here. It's fab! I'm not sure about logistics regarding a holiday visa though as my company took care of it all. If you have questions about Dublin, though, let me know!

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