February 23, 2010

Barcelona Rendez- Vous

After finishing up in Zurich, I had a special rendez-vous with BF in Barcelona. We had planned the trip ages ago before my work trip so I didn't know it was going to be so back-to-back. I stayed overnight in London as there was no direct flight and met BF early Saturday morning in Barcelona. It was lovely! The sun was shining although it was a bit chilly. We usually have no agenda when we travel so we wandered around for the first day. Below are some of the key highlights.

MEAT (!!!) at the Boqueria Market

Statue along the port

Casa Mila La Pidrera- Gaudi

After a lot of walking, sunshine and early flights, BF and I were exhausted. We followed the Spanish tradition and took a looooooooong siesta since we wanted to be energised for our evening event- a Barcelona Futbol match! It was rather cold, but we didn't mind as the energy in the stadium was fab. Highlight of the match-- Thierry Henry. He definitely had a hand ball- looks like it wasn't just a one time mistake.

Camp Nou

Before the start of the match

Final Score


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