February 24, 2010

Barcelona- Cont'd

We spent the next 2 days walking around Barcelona and enjoying the Gaudi sites and the sidewalk cafes. The weather was miserable on one day which made me miserable which turned me into a not-so-fun-to-travel with b@#$@...Poor BF!

As we were walking around, we randomly found a Vietnamese restaurant. SCORE! We just had breakfast so decided to go see the sites and then come back. Imagine my devastation when we got back there and they were closing! (I dragged BF back the next day though.) Strangely enough, right down the street was an Irish cafe. (It's like the street was made for us!)

Park Guell - Gaudi's work

Finally, the reason why we went to Barcelona in the first place. The very first time BF and I celebrated our anniversary, we went to this Tapas restaurant in Boston. We were mere children and so we thought it was so different and fancy and so grown-up. Every year since, we celebrate our anniversary at a tapas restaurant (wherever we happen to be). This year we thought it would be lovely to celebrate it in the home of tapas!

Celebratory Dinner


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