January 20, 2010

Upside Down, please!

So I went to my first pole dancing class at the new studio last night- Loved it! The location is not that great to be honest. It's in the basement of a club so imagine the beer-soaked carpets we're working on :)

But the teacher is good (although a bit nuts). I took a couple of beginner courses before that kept teaching the same things so I'm glad I signed up for this beginner-intermediate course. There's another gal there who has taken the beginner course so the teacher is teaching us different and new moves.

This is what we'll be learning next week. I canNOT freaking wait! I better not skip my pilates class this week. I'm gonna need major core strength for this move.

P.S. I do not know who this chick is but it's the only video I could find quickly that showed the move we'll be learning! :)


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