December 31, 2009

India- Adventure #1

"Whoa!" is the first thing that comes to mind when I try to describe India. I read all the books and guides and tried to prepare myself but it's just unlike any place I've been before.

We arrived in Delhi at 4:00am in the morning and as soon as we stepped out of the airport, we were met with chaos- People EVERYWHERE! For the first part of my trip, I'm traveling with BF and two of his friends. We thankfully booked a cab to come pick us up otherwise there would have been some aggressive haggling which would not have been the most fun so early in the morning. We get to this teeny tiny car and pile our massive suitcases in. Jammed into the backseat, I couldn't see the traffic but I could definitely hear it! Honking every second.... No joke!

We finally get to the hotel, check in and head to our rooms. Sleep? Unsuccessful! Punjab music streamed incessantly throughout the night. I thought it would be hot (21C) so didn't pack warm clothes- not so much. AND, there were no sheets on the bed. What the what? Since it was so late BF and I attempted to fall asleep. I put on as many layers of dresses as possible and BF and I huddled together for warmth. I brought two scarves with me which we used for warmth. (This is so backpacker. I was not prepared!) We must have been a funny sight, lying as still as possible so that the two scarves wouldn't fall off.

As morning came, we checked out of the hotel (even though we booked for another two nights) and checked into a five star hotel. Normally I don't spoil myself like that but it was easily justified after the night we spend in our 9Euro hotel room.

Stay tuned to hear about how we were scammed and what happened to us on the way home from the Taj Mahal!


Jackie said...

No sheets on the bed? Oh My =). Stay safe over there lady.

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