December 20, 2009

Come dine with me Christmas Edition

Our last Come dine with me dinner for the year was of course Christmas themed. Since our friend Mags was the only one with a table that would fit all 7 of us (the usual crew plus our friend Sean who was home for Xmas from Australia), it was agreed that we would have dinner at her place.

Instead of a gourmet home cooked meal like we normally do, we decided to have our buddies Mark and Spencer help out so we would have more time to chat with each other. We had lovely appetizers and a full Christmas dinner (Ham, turkey, veggies, potatoes and gravy.) Yum! It was such good fun, and we were laughing so hard and talking so loudly that the neighbors CALLED THE GARDAI!! Can you believe it?

We seriously weren't drinking very much (for once) and was in the process of sharing strawberry tarts and tea when we hard loud knocks at the door. Ut-Oh! Flashbacks of my college days went through my head, but they quickly left when they realised we seriously were just having tea and dessert.

Look at these innocent faces...would we cause any chaos?

We also had a Kris Kindle. I bought a lovely gift set from Bath and Body works for mine (taking advantage of the good exchange rate over Thanksgiving!) and I got a pilates DVD and an exercise ball. My Kris Kindle knows me so well!

What did ya get me?!?


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