December 18, 2009

Christmas Karma

So today is my dinner group's Christmas dinner party, and we are doing a Kris Kindle/Secret Santa. I can't wait for my buddy to open up her gift!

Anyways, at work this morning, my friend Michelle was saying how she bought her Kris Kindle gift last night, but then ended up going out, set it down somewhere and lost it. I was laughing at her and saying I couldn't believe she would do that (salt in wound?) and then I looked around my desk and couldn't find MY Kris Kindle gift. EKKKKKKKKKKS! What the what? I know I had it leaving the bus, so I raced to the gym as that would be the only other place I could have lost it this morning.

Lo and behold, it was behind the gym desk safe and sound. That will teach me to be mean!


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