October 18, 2009


The poor little village of Killarney will not know what hit it when over two thousand co-workers and I invade its village streets this week.

G hosts annual sales conferences for each region, and this year it will be in Ireland. (um...last year, it was in Greece and the years before, Spain and Germany....grr... I'm being a total brat, here- it is a recession year after all.)

Recession or not, G always does it right and we're being whisked down to hear about new products, initiatives, blah blah blah, but there will be two nights of fun!

The first night, G has essentially rented out the village streets and bars and is having a street festival for us complete with comedy shows, traditional Irish Music, Karaoke, Ceili Irish dancing and more goodies that they have yet to reveal.

Then the next night, there's a dinner gala and a talent show.

Can't wait! What I am NOT looking forward to is my 6:35am train back to Dublin on Wednesday after a long night of fun.


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