October 22, 2009

G Celebrations

So after drinking the G KoolAid at the conference, they provided us with real beverages at numerous fun events. We were there for two nights, and there were different events on for each night.

The first night, there was a street festival. Amazingly fun! They closed down a street in Kilarney, set up tables full of food and drinks and had a great band. The only downside...torrential rains. They also set up partnerships with all the bars in Kilarney and there were special events in each one including Irish dancing, story telling, stand- up comedy, etc. So Irish!

After the rain, we headed into a club to dance the night away... No pictures here as they are currently being used to black mail my mates :)

The next night, there was a G's got Talent content and the special guest was "Flawless" a dance group finalist on Britain's Got Talent. Not as good as last year's guest who was M.C "freaking" Hammer. The year before? David Hasselholf. (This is really where the recession is hurting us!)

We had a lovely dinner and our tables were loaded with Irish goodies.

My roommate and I being very Irish.

I would love to show you pictures of the after party, but again my friends would not appreciate this!


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