September 23, 2009

Come Dine with Me

There's a great (terrible reality) show on TV called Come Dine with Me over here and the concept is that 4 random people get together on different nights during the week and make each other 3 course dinners. After the dinner, the 3 contestants not making the dinner score the cook and the best cook out of the 4 wins lots of moola!

Following this concept, some gal pals and I have started weekly dinner sessions at each other's houses, rotating each week so that we all have a chance to cook.

Tonight, was my turn and I made egg rolls (again... what can I say I'm a one-trick pony) and pad thai. Yum!

We don't actually give out points. But with fun gals, wine and yummy food (if I do say so myself), I'd say I win(!) in this situation.


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