August 20, 2009

Makeshift Dinner Parties

The BF has been in Switzerland for work this week and to celebrate (I mean mourn... I definitely meant mourn), I invited some gal pals over each night for a dinner party! The menu was relatively the same for both nights- home made egg rolls, wonton soup and steak and rice one night and fried rice the second night.

I'm no top chef, but I make a relatively decent meal. However, this is the first time since I moved here that I attempted to make traditional goodies. It's difficult here to make food like mom's since there are only 2 small Asian supermarkets. They carry most of the basics, but I couldn't find the right brands for certain ingredients so my food was a bit makeshift as I substituted some items with the products that were available here.

The girls enjoyed it greatly since there's not a great place to get Vietnamese food here. I thought the food was pretty, but didn't quite taste like mom's.


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