September 9, 2009

Aer Lingus Sale

Being a major planner, I booked my flights home for Thanksgiving (YEAH!) last month. But this week Aer Lingus had a sale for all flights. Should I check and see if my flights are now less? Did I want to know? Yes of course!

100 Euro less then when I booked!!!! BALLS! Think of the JCrew Sweaters, I could have bought ...Sigh... I'm never doing that to myself again.


Vicki said...


So I don't know you, but I was checking out some blogs a few weeks ago and stumbled upon yours. I read it when I find myself with nothing to do, or when I have things that I don't really want to do, and as I'm delaying/procrastinating my homework at the moment, I checked it out. I had to comment because I love that you said "balls"--I say that all the time and people think it's weird/hilarious. Good call on your word choice. :)

Feel free to message me if you want...I'd feel less stalker-ish that way lol.

utran28 said...

Hi Vicki,

Thanks for stopping by! I'm always on different blogs when I procrastinate. :)

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