August 24, 2009

On to the finals!

Yesterday, we attended the Semi- Final Gaelic football match between Cork and Tyrone, and it was brilliant! The weather was looking a bit dodgy as we traveled to Croke Park, but once we got there the sun was shining bright.

In case you're not familiar with Gaelic football, it's best described as a mix between soccer and rugby. Take a peek at a video. Three points are given for a goal within the net, and 1 point is given for a field goal (like in American football). So the score is (goal - field goal).

I do not have Cork team merchandise but still wore red to support the Rebels, but it was a lost cause. Both teams are red and white, and my support was lost in a sea of red. The match was very exciting, and although Cork lead the entire time it was still very intense.

We were surrounded by Tyrone fans so I found the need to clap and cheer at every Cork goal (obnoxious, I know), but obviously it lead to favorable results as Cork won the match 1-13 to Tyrone's 0-11.


From Dublin, With Love said...

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