August 5, 2009

The Islands

After staying in Dubrovnik for 3 nights, we headed off towards the islands. We moved around to three different islands and each one had it's own unique flair.

Our first stop was Mljet which was all about nature. We spent most of our time in the national park walking around and kayaking in the large salt lakes. It was SO salty! After getting out of the lake, my body would be covered in salt particles as I dried in the sun.

Next stop, Korcula. As mentioned in one of my past posts, it was a bit problematic getting here, but once we were there it was lovely! We happened to be on the island during the Saint Sveti Todor Festival, who is the patron saint of Korcula. There were religious processions and special sword dances.

After Korcula, we headed to Hvar, which is considered the international jet set island. We spent our time people watching the glamorous people in their yachts and designer clothes walking along the harbour.

Here is a picture of me "Being Fabulous" in one of the clubs.

There was also a BBQ at the guest house that we were staying at so the BF and I went out with some of the pals we made there. Fun fun... Next stop, Split!


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