August 4, 2009


Our first stop! We arrived and couldn't believe how hot it was- such dry, dry heat.

We mostly hung out in the old city which is beautiful with old statues and stone structures. The entire city floor was marble!

What was so great about this city was that when it got unbearably hot, you just needed to walk towards water and you could just jump in. They had little ladders off tons of piers and along the city walls so you could just pop in for a dip and then dry off within minutes.

We spent most of our time reading and drinking along the piers of the city.

At night, we would have dinner and people watch in side alley cafes. So quaint!


cindyM said...

I stumble across your blog looking for a shop in Tralee. He is soooo cute, best wishes you look great together!

utran28 said...

Thanks Cindy! Did you find your shop? Was it good? I'm headed down to Kerry in October. I'm ALWAYS looking for somewhere new to shop!

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