November 8, 2013

{My Five Year Anniversary}

...with this lovely little island I call home. We moved here five years ago with the intention of staying for one year, but after buying a home here, making lovely friends and having a baby here soon, we're clearly here to stay.

While I miss America now and again (mostly when I'm trying to find furniture or home goods and wish I could pop into a Target or Pottery Barn), I really enjoy living abroad with all its quirks - not having hot water in the house all the time, driving on the weird side of the road and the maternity leave... BLISS!

Here's to many more lovely and happy years in Ireland! OH! and the most fun part of living here for all this time... I get to apply to be a citizen. Hurray!

Below are some pics from my first visit to Dublin. I had commited to moving here (got the job transfer, put a deposit down on an apartment, etc) without ever having stepped foot in the city. Good thing, it turned out to be a quaint city that I love!

Ha' Penny Bridge 

Where to go? 

Dun Loaghaire 


Anonymous said...

Awesome! So are you going to go for the citizenship?

Ly said...

I've applied!! :) I'm waiting to hear back ....fingers crossed! x

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