September 13, 2013


I'm home with the folks! Hurray! I have already visited and spent way too much money on random stuff at Target. :)

It's lovely being home with the family (and all the good home cooking is a bonus too!). It's also slightly strange. I've forgotten how eager sales associates are when you enter a shop...or that you have to tip while dining out...or the continuous free refills on drinks. You definitely can't get dehydrated here!

We're headed to Lake Tahoe this weekend (Can't wait!), but here are some snaps from this week so far.

Everything is soooo convenient here! 

Staying cool in the 104(!!!!) degree heat! 

Fresh Coconut Juice. YUM! 

At Target with my momma. 
Totally overwhelmed by all the choices (went with Fruity Pebbles!) 


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