June 17, 2013

Non-stop hen parties

After the last couple weeks of partying, I was completely zonked out and couldn't find any energy to update the blog on my latest antics.Hen parties in Navan, then the Work summer party, and then Hen parties in Limerick and Galway. How can I be expected to drink and dance into the wee hours of the night four weeks in a row?!

We went to Limerick for an 80's roller disco and then headed to Icon nightclub as it was a bar and club in one. If you're in Limerick, I highly recommend Icon- Best music ever!

Some pics from the last two hen parties.

Remember the movie Mannequin from the 80's? I'm Hollywood! 

Roller buddies 

80's gang! 

The weekend after, I headed to Galway for my last hen party. We started the weekend quiet enough on Friday night with dinner at the Artisan in Galway. Lovely and highly recommend the crab claws as an appetiser. 

The Gals 
The next day, we had a lovely brunch and then headed to a dance studio to learn the Beyonce Single Ladies dance. SO FUN and not as complicated as I thought it would be. For the evening, we dressed up with in costumes starting with "M". 

Over abundance of Vermin! 

The gals and the bride! 

 I had a great few weeks but was sooo looking forward to relaxing at home this past weekend. Can't wait for the weddings which start in two weeks!


brittany said...

oh my gosh, so many fun parties! wow! my sis just visited ireland and had a blast :) but i don't know if she had thiiiis much fun!

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