February 22, 2013

Things I'm loving this week

Happy Friday!!! Could this week seriously have dragged on for longer? These are the little rays of sunshine that helped me make it through the week.

1. It's been raining non stop this winter so I finally bit the bullet and ordered some wellies. Miracle of miracles, they arrived, and it hasn't rained ONE drop. Awesome. We're going to the Bogs this weekend though ... I'm gonna find the muddiest puddle and jump right in. 

2. While it hasn't rained it's been FREEZING. My little water bottle (not the hubby...boo hoo hoo) has been keeping me warm. 

3. I'm obsessed with coconut water. That is all. 

4. Garnier B&B Cream. I'm a minimalist with makeup. I actually almost always too lazy forget to put any on. This B&B cream is amazing because it moisturizes my face (dry from the cold) and also adds just a tiniest bit of color to my face. I can apply it without a mirror which is a huge plus. 

5. Normally, I only go once a week to Pilates, but this week I don't know what got over me (the fact that I've been eating out loads with friends?), I went TWICE. Such a good workout. I couldn't walk up the stairs this A.M. 

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! 


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