February 11, 2013


Happy Belated Vietnamese New Year!!! (Technically it was yesterday, but it's at least a 3 day long festival so I'm still on time).

One of the little sisters is actually in Vietnam right now with my aunts and uncles. JEALOUS!

Hubby and I did not have the luxury of going to Vietnam. We decided to head to the new Vietnamese restaurant in town instead, and we were not disappointed! The Pho was not as good as mom's (how could it be?), but it's still way better then if I tried to cook it. Hubby ordered a noodle dish as well as a rice dish (we had eaten a VERY light breakfast). Both were delicious and I would 100% come back there for more! 


I went Asian for the rest of the weekend... eating dumplings for breakfast on the actual day and making all kinds of Vietnamese food for the rest of the weekend. Yum!


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